Award Categories



Choose an appropriate category according to the reader's characteristics. 


Candidates are allowed to participate in one category only.


Access to information and the fight against illiteracy are very important and lifelong learning for everyone is something every country and every educational system should strive for. This award is to promote the Joy of reading.

These readers cannot get their hands on enough prose and literature, and that covers every genre. Nothing gets in the way of their reading challenge goals, numerous book clubs, and heavy involvement in the #bookstagram communities. The type to read a book (or more!) a day.

At the Pharmacy

These people will read anything that is around them; they will probably even read what is written on the back of a shampoo bottle! Reading is an impulsive action, they enjoy it to the core!

Assortment of Books

At any given time, these readers have 3+ books open. They hop between stories – keeping all plot lines straight, mind you – and might even have dedicated times for specific books. They make choose-their-own adventures by starting at least two books at a time. In any case, they like to be in many places at once, and somehow they manage to keep it all straight.

Holding Books

These readers are helpers to their fellow book worms. Not only do they read widely but they are always ready with recommendations for friends and family. Most book website and blog runners fall into this category.

Woman Writing

Superlative readers are extreme readers. They will always look for amazing extreme facts and it will keep them turning the pages. They are unique and level 1 readers. They are interested to explore challenging and catchy titles and read.

Booking a Meeting

These readers love to read the Summary of the book. They are interested in reading but due to lack of time they will read the summary.

Let’s start off easy. The “Weekend Warrior” Reader approaches reading with a cool demeanor, as this type of reader doesn’t sweat over an ever-mounting “to-read” list. They read for pleasure on the weekends or whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Girls in the Library

These readers are more curious about the books they're going to read than the books they've actually read, and even though they have so much to read, they're somehow always on the lookout for new recommendations. They're always buying books.

This award recognizes young readers who show initiative and great interest in reading for pleasure. It is a motivational award to encourage young readers to read more books and to inspire youngsters

Actors Reading Script

Reading is the gateway to knowledge and creativity that enables people to create characters. Reading is not only a hobby but an essential habit to develop the intellectual field. It is a pleasure that is acquired through practice.

The Intellect readers simply love learning and absorbing all the information of the world. Their preferred method to do so is through reading. Books do hold the key to our past, present, and future. This reader tends to gravitate towards non-fiction and historical fiction.

Actors Reading Script

Strategic readers are people that have ability to apply the strategies needed to fix the problem. These readers are good readers and they understand what they are doing but they also want to improve as readers to reach the next level which is Reflective Learners/Readers.

Man Checking his Phone

They have long, long lists of books on their phone, in their journal, on their Pinterest boards, and on Goodreads, because they just can't resist a good reading checklist. No human has the time to actually read all those books, but that doesn't stop them from bookmarking any and every recommendation.

Woman Reading a Book

Single task reader, Sticks to one book, loves re-reading favorite titles. Readers of this type stick to one book at a time and rocket through their reading material quickly. They love to re-read favorite titles and they’re proud of the fact that they can quote entire passages of their most beloved works verbatim.

Residential Library

This is an Instagram hashtag used to denote a book related picture. It can be an image of someone reading the book, the book itself, or objects that evoke something (plot, characters, themes) from the book. Images can be of the reader’s favorite reading spot at home, a shot of taking the book on an adventure or vacation, or a favorite local coffee shop or bookstore. Some readers always post their books photos, reading photos in Instagram.


Reading gives the ideas and broadens the horizons. They are spending time to explore new ideas in the books and they love to enhance creativity and apply in their professional life.


The reader who only reads one book a year and that too only a bestseller. These are the people that only buy famous authors’ books.

Book and Coffee at Home

They will read everything if the book is written by their favorite writer. These bibliophiles HYPES their favorite authors and build their libraries around their work.

Young Author

This award recognizes the readers who exhibit a deep understanding of the books they have read. These readers show a great appreciation for literature and can express their views on the texts spontaneously.

Open Book

Reading comprehension is a complex process involving many subcomponent skills and abilities that vary between readers. These people are speedy in reading and comprehension.

They are the type of readers who love to juggle multiple books at once. Their nightstand is like television queue covering every kind of genre. They like to keep things interesting, and multitasking is their most beloved trait.

Many types of readers say they prefer physical books over e-books and audio books, but there's a group of readers who live and die by printed and bound books, refusing to even call a book in any other form by the word "book." Call them old-fashioned, but for them, there's just something about the feeling of cloth and the smell of paper that make reading a "real" book that much better.

The digital readers are the people who read the e-book. More than physical book reading they love to read e book. No need to carry a book with them .

Reading a Book

These types of readers always have a book in their hands. They steal every moment to read .They can’t simply stop and won’t stop reading.

Mobile Phone

These readers love to tweet the catchy sentences or their opinions in the twitter while reading. They are interested to hear others opinion also through tweeting.

Man Reading a Book

These readers often set reading goals for themselves. These goals can be as large-scale as “read 50 books this year” to as small as “finish chapter 10 before bed.” Either way, this helps them build goal setting skills that are crucial in any career.

Library Books

People who buy several books a month, read most of them, and still have a mile-high ‘to read’ list. This is relatively small number of people who have an outsized impact on the market and have mostly converted to ebooks.

Woman Holding a Book

This award recognizes those readers who get pain at the base of their neck from always bending over a book. These readers keep on exploring new literary genres and have goals for reading and evaluating text for important ideas.

Reading a Book

Read independently and pass Reading Practice quizzes for 3 books at a 4.0 book level or higher worth 4 or more points each.